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write any 3 telephonic discussion​


Answered by subhikshamrth

Rohit : Hello ! Rohan! How are you ?

Rohan : Hi ! I am fine . How are the vacations going on ?

Rohit : Well, To be Honest , I am tired of such vacation . There's no thing to do.

Rohan : Don't say that, Rohit , You can enjoy this days in a unique way, like me by joining different classes like Dance Class , Drawing Class , etc.

Rohit : Hmm. We can develop our hobbies , play outside, create innovative things , etc.

Rohan : Exactly! My daily Routine is just like that. After waking up , I get ready quickly and start my day with freshness. I go to Drawing Classes and after that I try to create something new. And the day goes on.

Rohit : Good! I think I also should do the same and be like you.

Rohan : Surely, Start it off from Today itself .

Rohit : Yes, For sure, I will start doing the same from today .

Rohan : Well, It's time for me to move towards the Drawing Class , So I will talk to you later.

See you soon and Enjoy your holidays.

Rohit : Yes, Bye !

Hope this helps u dude

scrossankit: yaa thnks
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