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write any five differences between living and non living things​


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Living Things Non- Living Things

Living things are made up of living cells

Non-living things are not made up of cells

Require food, air and water

Do not require food, air and water

Growth is present

Growth is absent

Reproduction is present

Reproduction absent

Respiration present

Respiration absent

They can move on their own

They cannot move on their own

They are sensitive and respond to changes around them

They are not sensitive and do not respond to changes around them

They excrete and get rid of waste materials from their body

They do not excrete

Living things have a definite life span after which they die

Non-living things do not have definite life cycle

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living things

1. Living organisms undergo growth and development.

2. They have a lifespan and are not immortal.

non living things

1. Non-living things do not grow or develop.

2. They have no lifespan and are immortal.


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