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A Tale of Two Birds is about a bird and her two new-born babies. A big storm brought down the tree in which the bird’s nest was. Hit by a heavy branch the mother died while the strong wind blew away the two little birds to the other side of the forest. One bird landed near a cave where robbers lived and the other one landed outside a Rishi’s ashram.

Time passed and the birds grew. One day the King came hunting in the forest. Chasing a deer deep into the forest the King lost his way. When he got tired he rested under a tree near a cave. He heard a voice crying out that someone was under the tree and he could be robbed of his jewels and horse. The King saw a big brown bird on the tree saying this and before anyone could come he fled on his horse quickly.

The King then reached an ashram nearby. He saw a similar bird but this one was welcoming the King into the ashram. The bird saw that the King was puzzled and explained that the other bird was his brother who had made robbers his friends. The Rishi explained the story of the two birds to the King when he came back to the ashram. When the King had eaten and rested well at the ashram he left. 


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A tale of two birds summary is about a mother bird who lives in a forest. She has two babies who are new-born that also live with her. The nest in which the mother bird lives is in a tall tree.

On a stormy night filled with thunder, lightning and rain, the wind starts blowing fiercely. It causes the tree to fall down which result in the death of the mother bird. Consequently, the wind blows away the little birds.

After the storm passes, one bird finds itself near a cave. Near that cave, lives a gang of robbers. On the other hand, the second bird fell a little distance away, near the ashram of a Rishi.


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