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Write the similarities and differences of the god mentioned in tungkung langit and alunsina to the god mentioned in the catholic bible?


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Operating under the assumption that Genesis was authored by Moses, and its intent is a polemic against other origin stories and their view of the deity at the time).

The Enûma Eliš is said to have influenced the writings in Genesis. What are the similarities and differences between the Genesis creation account and other creation stories of the time?

(Not limited to Babylonian—particularly interested to hear Egyptian origin stories from the time as well.)

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Answered by AditiHegde

The similarities of the God mentioned in Tungkung Langit and Alunsina to the God mentioned in the Catholic Bible are the following:

  • Both the God in Tungkung Langit, as well as the God in the Bible, were considered omnipotent, considerate, and kind.

  • At the beginning of both of the Gods' stories, according to the Gods, the Earth was shapeless and thus had not developed any form.

The differences between the God of Tungkung Langit and the one in the Catholic Bible are:

  • In the case of Tungkung and Alunsina's myth of the creation of the Earth, the Earth is believed to have resulted from Tungkung's love for Alunsina. Whereas as per the Bible, God's love for humanity gave rise to the creation of Earth.

  • In Tungkung and Alunsina's myth, the Earth formed within a day, whereas as per the Bible, Earth was created after several days.


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