Math, asked by sanjeev124, 4 days ago

write the smallest 6 digit number using the digits 4,5,0. (digit main repeat)


Answered by Debargha1000
Hey mate here's ur answer - 400005.
I hope it will help.plz mark it as brainliest.

Debargha1000: plz first mark as brainlist
Debargha1000: look the nos are 4 0 and 5.we can use only one digit repeat
Debargha1000: so we use 0 since its least value and it can nt be used at the beginning bcoz it will bcime 5 digit no
sanjeev124: how's comes the ans. 400005
Debargha1000: cant u understand?
Debargha1000: u asked the smallest no and it is only possible this way
Debargha1000: plz mark it as brainliest
sanjeev124: where is brainlist
Debargha1000: plz amrk as brainlieat
Answered by amisharaj
Hi friends,
The answer will be 400005.
Hope this answer will help u

sanjeev124: kindly expain the solution
Debargha1000: hey i explai ed
sanjeev124: how 400005 is comes ans
Debargha1000: look the no are 4 0 and 5 and we cn use only one digit repeat
Debargha1000: so we repeat 0 as it is least value and it can not be 000045because it will become 2 digit no
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