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write two functions of blood


Answered by ARYAN1001456
To transfer proteins
To protect from bacteria ( WBC )
Answered by ramaiyan69p3vy7v
The functions of the blood are:
@ to transport oxygen away from the lungs and around the body; and CO2 from the body cells to the lungs.
@to transport nutrients such as glucose and amino acids from the digestive system to the cells in our bodies.
@to take waste products such as lactic acid away from the muscles when it's produced by anaerobic respiration; and urea from the liver to the kidneys and bladder.
@By maintaining a good circulation, the bloodflow keeps your core body temperature at a steady 37oC.
White blood cells help kill pathogens and microbes that stray into the body.
@Substances like platelets and fibrin in the blood help to clot wounds
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