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Yesterday you celebrated your mother’s birthday at home. You invited your friends and neighbours to the party. Make a diary entry in about 150 words describing that memorable day.


Answered by meghatilekar


It at night at 12:00 pm and I was doing decoration at our how because that's night there was my mom's birthday After doing all the decorations with my neighbours and friends at sharp 12:00 pm l wake up my mom and off all the lights of our home and suddenly my friends and neighbours on the lights and my mother gets a surprise and then my mom said thankyou for this but where are yours friends then they suddenly appears and my mother ges an another surprise after seeing all my friends then we cut the cake. And that time I have ordered food online with my pocket money and it also came we enjoyed a lot that night it's a party with my neighbours and friends.i can't forget that night full of happiness and joy....


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