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You have returned from Jodhpur after participating in all India sports meet. Write a letter to your cousin telling him about your experiences.


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Letter Writing !!

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Date :- 22nd May, 2019

Dear Tavisha,

How are you ? How is your mom and dad ? I hope that you all are fine there. I am also fine. I recieved your letter. You have asked me about my experience of All India Sports Meet. I have returned from Jodhpur yesterday. My experience of All India Sports Meet was awesome. We played a lot of games there like cricket, badminton, football, etc. We enjoyed a lot. It has increased our playing skills and it was very amazing. Next time, we both will go there and will enjoy. I am coming to your home address n vacations. Prepare variety of food for me.

Yours Loving Sister


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Letter !!

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09 September, 2019

Dear Bhavin,

I'm happy here and I hope that you are also sailing in the same boat. I recieved a letter from you. In that letter, you asked me about All India Sports meet in which I had participated in Jodhpur. That Sports meet was superb! There was organised a lot of games like cricket, football, hockey and some other indoor games. Its happy news that I won first prize in one of those games. I enjoyed a lot in that Sports Meet. But there was lack of only one thing and that was you. I missed you so much there. I know that you had an exam so you didn't attend that Sports Meet. But I wish to see you there in the next Sports Meet. Next time, we'll go there together and we'll enjoy a lot. I'm coming to your home in winter vacations.

Yours Loving Brother


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