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you went on an excursion with your school to shimla,chail,chandigarh,amritsar and wagha border. it was a very exciting and enriching trip and also very adventurous as you went for trekking and hiking .it was you first trip with your schoolmates.write a diary entry telling your experience.(150 words)


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Heya !!

The diary entry goes here...

20th May, 2018
00 : 38 [on right side]

Sorry for opening you after a long time but actually I was busy with my first trip to shimla, chail, amritsar and wagha border.

It was being fun to be at all place especially Wagha border. The feeling which get arise in our mind when the flag of India is in air, that's ossum. Even shimla was cold but better than being in Delhi in May.

We went to trip along with all our classmates and teachers. And trip with classmates is just wow. Even we went for trekking and camping. Hope we go once again next year.


Hope it helps.

TheIncorporealKlaus: Dear, it's your own diary, be a bit creative, it's no less than your friend...
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