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Your brother has been missing from his home for the last two days. Draft an advertisement under the caption missing for a local newspaper providing necessary details and also offering a reward


Answered by Vidhyasha
Hi dear your answer

My Nilesh Rai brother has been missing from last 2 days he is from kalingpong ward no 6he had went to his friend house but he did not return till now he has were a yellow T-shirt and a black pants his hight is 5.8 inces and he is very slim and his thor is Rai Chamling
If any one see my Nilesh Rai brother than please contact me I am missing my brother so please contact me as soon as possible

Hope this will help you dear and please mark my answer as brain list answer

Answered by Bhavik28

Answer:                                        MISSING

My brother Mohan Shukla has been missing from 11th May,20XX.He studies in A.B.C. Public School,Panipat.He is a student of class 6th and was wearing blue check shirt with blue pants.His height is 5.8 inches. He is slim amd light complensioned.If anybody finds my brother then please contact on 89465XXXXX.

The person who finds my brother will get ₹50,000 as a reward


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