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Your friend threw a surprise birthday party for you on your 13th birthday.Describe your experience through the evening.(Descriptive essay)


Answered by ArchieTrivedi
Today there was a wonderful day today there was my birthday but this was not special for me as it was my birthday but it was special because of my friends surprise.

Friends and Family are the best things that one get s from God .Today I really felt proud that I have this carrying friends .My best friend Jigna she had planned a birthday party for me.

Every birthday I understood that she planned something but this birthday I really didn't realizeed.

As my dream is to be a cardiologist ( heart doctor) my friend Jigna just prepared a background of hospital and all were doctors and I was head doctor .And my all colleagues were giving me birthday party .It was wonderful cake cutting dancing and everything was done at last I had water in my eyes.This day was one of the best day of my life . I felt this was not my 13 but 21 birthday .Live you Jigna dear friend very much .I am very thankful to my friend.
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