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your younger brother complained you about a situation that he is facing in his school bus . while travelling ,the seniors bully the juniors and occupy their seats. write a letter advising him what he should do.​


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13, Brooklyn Street ,                                                                       Germany

London, 070413                                                                              9th Street Lane

                                                                                                    25th March, 2019

Dear brother,

                      It is quite shocking that now in 21st century, when people talk about liberty and right and are educated still now exercise such absurd activities in school bus.

                      I would like to advice you with some of the treatments that can get you rid of this activities . Firstly, you do not need to give your mind stress regarding what they are saying you while bullying . They are not very important . Secondly, do what you think is right, but always be kind towards each and everyone.

Thirdly, as they are not giving you respect try to make them feel how and what respect means giving them respect.

Never get afraid on sitting on the seat they take . This advices tells you to take help of your teachers and parents.

                I hope my advices will help you and you will overcome the situation and it is all pleasant to hear that you are all well in London.

Yours lovingly

Poulami(Your Sister)

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