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100g of bronze is make up of 95g of copper,4g of tin and 1g of zinc.find the mass of tin in 87.75kg of bronze.


Answered by kritanuchatterjee280


3.510 kg

Step-by-step explanation:

This can be easily calculated by finding the percentage of tin in bronze.

% of tin in 100g bronze = 4/100 x 100 = 4%

Hence, this is true for all proportions.

Therefore, mass of tin in 87.75 kg of bronze.

87.75 kg = 87750 g

the mass of tin in 87750 g of bronze is =

4/100   x 87750 = 3510 g

The answer is required in kilograms so we divide the mass in grams by 1000.

Therefore, the mass of tin in 87.75 kg of bronze is 3.510 kg

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