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An ________ pair of numbers used to represent solution of an equation in two variables​


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Ordered pair

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An ordered pair of numbers is used to represent the solution of an equation in two variables.​

Step-by-step explanation:

An ordered pair of real numbers is a representation. It can be used to represent two-dimensional vectors, binary relations between real numbers, functions from real numbers to real numbers, complex numbers,

When specifying operations for addition and multiplication, the representation can indeed be used to represent complex numbers. However, there are other representations, such as the form  a+bi, or  (ρ,θ)  (specifying modulus and argument; essentially using polar coordinates instead of Cartesian coordinates to represent the point in the Argand plane).

For some tasks, some representations will make things easier. Sometimes we even get new insights from using a different representation or switching between different representations in the middle of a derivation.


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