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At latitudeof 20 degree north ,in which direction do you normally expect winds to blow _
towards the equator or away from the equator?what about 20 degree south ? give reason​


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The wind blow towards the equator.This effect is termed as the Coriolis effect


  • The winds that blow towards the equator are termed as Trade Winds .
  • These trade winds are located in between 0 and 30 degree of latitude, north and south of the equator.
  • Due to  the Coriolis effect (caused by Earth's rotation), the trade winds gets curved and  it flows from the east to the west

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Explanation:The area between 30° N and 30° S is an area of high pressure, from there the winds blow towards the equator and towards the poles. 20° N lies between the 30° N and equator, so at the latitude of 20° N, the winds blow towards the equator. Same happens at the 20° S, it lies between 30° S and equator. Hence, at the altitude of ​20° S, the winds blow towards the equator

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