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Characteristics of Proto-industrialization


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There are the some characteristics of proto industrialisation.
1, production was not released on factories.
2, large scale homemade based production for international market.
3, it provides alternate source of income.
4, income from Pro- industrial production supplemented there shirking.
5, help in Fuller use of their family labor resources.
6, Close relationship.

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1. Even before factories began to dot the landscape in England and Europe there was large scale industrial production for an international market which was not based on factories. This phase of industrialization is known as proto-industrialization.

2. Merchants from the town in Europe began moving to the countryside, supplying money to peasants and artisans, persuading them to produce for an international market.

3. With the expansion of world trade and the acquisition of colonies in different parts of the world, the demand for goods began to increase.

4. But merchants could not expand production with in towns. This was because; here urban crafts and trade guilds were powerful.

5. In the countryside poor peasants and artisans began working for merchants. This was a time when open field were disappearing and commons were being enclosed.

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