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Explain your journey of brainly with some beautiful memories.
Also, share about importance of brainly in your life


priyankasrivasp945sr: a very nice journey with brainly giving answer and asking question is a nice features oof it and i can also examine myself
Nishant1111gshs: very nice journey
Aayush9582: very very nice and good journey
vishalrockzz: very very bad journey!!!


Answered by Nikki57


I think definitely, I will cross the word limit.
If I start to describe my journey here on brainly, my hands won't stop typing!

Still, let's describe it a bit.
A random person, entered on brainly on 27th December 2016 with a new account named as Nikki57.

Knew all rules as that girl was already experienced about Brainly, gave short answers! Moderators deleted! She argued! She continued!

The girl was impatient, Fought for Benefactor rank! Finally was elected as one on 11th January 2017 (First day of benefactor team as well).

Entered in workspace, Nikki was a very shy girl -_- She didn't really talk to anyone a lot except Durag and Govind who brought her to the team!

Slowly Slowly, She got to know the people there and then started the fun!

We were having a big team with all types of people some were regarded as Ghosts, some were aliens, some were robots and some were angels.

Some were called as show - offer, some were called as hard - working!

Some were never called with their names, they were called with the names given by the Team mates.

Nikki was called as Tikki, ACP (since she liked CID a lot) and a long list of other names!

We played , We played truth and dares, revealed all our secrets at some extent! That was the best thing we did in that team!
Some people never liked our chatting too much, we created seperate groups xD

But but but.....We didn't just do this, we completed our target's yah for what we were there!

They used to help each other, all were a helping hand to each other, one asked questions and other answered and I still remember the mess we used to create when someone used to ask questions for the whole team!

Then after being rejected for Moderator post thrice, she behaved like a mad dog! She became so impatient that..... Aaaa.... Leave! She was calmed by the leader's of the team! Hemant Bhai, Rishi sir , Govind Bhai , Kimmus di!

Finally she was elected as one on 23rd May 2017 and then on 10th July , she was shining as a Brainly star leader , then later on became a Benefactor lead when the team re-organisation took place!

Till date, experienced all kinda things!
Love - Hate - Competition - Joy - Disappointment - Jealously !

Love - Love was given to her everywhere by everyone on brainly! No matter if they all clashed with each other at small issues!

Hate - Hate - Hate! Yep, she did hate some people who showed off! Who were like throwing a person down the hill who already reached half way!

Competition - Mad Mad Mad desire to complete the Targets! Win Certificates! And to be prompted! But as everyone's goal was one - To keep the team High, they all were a team and did teamwork ^_^

Joy - Sharing jokes, Sharing humorous texts, and chatting madly obviously gave her happiness!

Disappointment - When she was REJECTED! And anyway, when someone hurted her or said that she didn't contribute even after contributing a lot!

Jealousy - Aaaha! No one says that he's jealous, one always says that he's trying to just achieve something better, but reality is people do feel jealous!

Even me, she felt jealous of I don't know how many people - Ankit , Praneeth! Only these two people though :p


The day of elections!
The Day of election at brainly was like -:

' Iss Baar Ankit ki Sarkar'
' Iss Baar xyz ki Sarkar'

xD I still laugh at the way they used to say that Being a moderator and that too on the basis of your performance was like founding a diamond!

Some people's heartbeat stopped, Like ImRitz!
Some people were too excited , Like Ankit and Bella.
Some people were like - I won't win!
Some people were like , I have to win otherwise.....! Like , Nikki 57 xD

And as the leader used to type in #announcement , Nikki used to be silent, but her heart was beating fast and she always wished that she should win!

Anyway, she was rejected, another election day come! She was dam.n sure that she will be selected as one. She was extremely amused after seeing her name in #announcement though and she was on top of the world!

That was the best day of her life!


I wanted to write a lot though!!!!

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Answered by trisha10433
Hey there ❤❤
answering this question twice (coz i hav answered these types of questions more than two or three times).....
^_^so here m explicating about my brainly journey :-)........
usually i used to search questions on google maximum times i used to see,or, .I was fascinated towards meritnation bcoz this was quite amazing but once my elder sis logged in to meritnation and she told me that some people from. meritnation started calling her at the first tym she was scared and she used to cut the phone and the people from meritnation started calling her simultaneously even at 12:00am with their different number then she finally picked up the call and requested them to delete her meritnation account so thats why i didnt logged in to meritnation .................
I dont know what a thought came in my mind and i logged in to brainly at that time i was using brainly by browser i hadnt installed the app............ this is how I started my
brainly \: journey
at the first time brainly was not improved much i mean at that time irrelevant questions or answers were not deleted but now within minutes these questions are being deleted by the mods ❤.........
i finally installed the Brainly app and started asking the questions. at that time i didnt used to give any answers..... but later i realised brainly is an app made for gaining and sharing the knowledge ❤.......
my friends on brainly..............
i dont have. many friends bcoz i dont like to chat wid strangers and being candid i hav a habit of blocking everyone who. used to send me hii or any type of messages usually i used to block them and sometimes even i didnt read the messages and i used to block them this was the worst thing about me and then many people started complaining..... (* ̄︶ ̄*)
(this is quite funny but that's what i do but m trying to change this habit)
here i would to like to mention
Lorraine1 - i hav blocked him by mistake and i will soon unblock u bro :)
anshchAkraborty - speechless no words can describe him he is weird...... idiot..... stupid...he is complete cartoon....actually we are classmates... as we know unexpected friendship are the best ....
I met him on fb and then u will be shocked to know that i hav also blocked him for two months bcoz he was quite irritating at that time he didnt reply my texts that was like a type of ignorance and then i finally i unblocked and told him sorry and from then our bond became stronger and we became best friends he is quite good in english. for him english is just like his cup of tea... and i m weak in english he is very helpful glad to have a friend like him and the best thing is that our section hasbeen changed on our marks basis A section is the best one and after that B is the better one and we both are in B section ❤.....i hope this journey should continue even after 10 th :)
everyone should hav a friend like him and one thing more that i dont like about people that a girl and boy can never be friends but this is quite wrong #today's society be like #try to change your mentality (he is also on brainly i had invited him)
Siddhartharao bro - he is very kind and helpful
he always clear my doubts.. and the way he explains and gives the answer is quite amazing :)
Nytrix bro - he is always busy and unavailable :( idk why? but he is the one who has helped me when no one was helping me!! he is the moderator over here :)

best thing about brainly
brainly has helped me to improve my english as i hav mentioned i m weak in English... i m learning new questions from here and the bestest thing is that just bcoz brainly i had come out from those social networking sites i had deleted my fb account and i use brainly in my free times after studying :) and i dont even feel that m wasting my time :) so now brainly has become an addiction for me :)
thanku brainly for changing me :) just bcoz of brainly i hav found a lot of changes in me......
brainly \:

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