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D. Short Answer Type Questions
1. Name the places in India where sheep are reared for obtaining wool
2. What is sorter's disease? Which people develop this disease, and why?
3. What is wool mark? Name the organisation which confers wool mark logo
4. In which country was silk developed first? When did silk making reach India, and how?
5. How do silkworms spin cocoons?​


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1) Jammu and Kashmir , wool is obtained from Kashmiri goat or Angora goat. In may states like Himachal Pradesh , Uttrakhand , Arunachal Pradesh , Rajasthan , Punjab and Gujarat , mainly sheep are reared for wool.

2) Sorter's Disease is another name for Anthrax. It is caused by the bacteria Bacillus anthracis. Historically, anthrax was called wool sorter's disease because individuals who sorted wool of infected animals contracted the disease.


4)According to legend, about 140 bce, sericulture as well as silk had spread overland from China to India. By the 2nd century ce India was shipping its own raw silk and silk cloth to Persia. (Japan, too, acquired and developed a thriving sericulture a few centuries later.)

5) When the silkworm ate great quantities of mulberry leaves, they were digested and nutrients were sent into the bloodstream. The silk glands absorbed these nutrients. The larva has a small spinneret on its lip, through which the silk emerges. ... The silkworms spin their cocoons inside these frames.

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