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Define evaporation write the factor which affect evaporation


Answered by Pranjal123456
Evaporation is the process in which a liquid gets converted to its gaseous state below boiling point at room temperature.
Factors affecting the rate of evaporation
1) Humidity: More the humidity, less is the evaporation.
2) Temperature: More the temperature, faster and more is the evaporation.
3) Wind velocity: More the wind velocity, more and faster is the evaporation.

Answered by Nehashanbhag07294

The change of liquid into its vapour form at any temperature point is called as evaporation. Evaporation is a surface phenomena.

» The conditions that increases the rate of evaporation are :-

→ Increase in Temperature :- The increase in temperature makes evaporation faster.

→ Increase in Surface area :- Increasing the surface area also makes evaporation faster.

→ Increase in wind speed :- Increasing the wind speed increases evaporation rate.

→ Decreasing humidity :- Decreasing humidity increases the rate of evaporation for water.

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