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English continues to play an important role in independent India even through it is a colonial language.why


Answered by incrediblekaur
as it is international lang which is used world wide .it helps to communicate with foreigners who came in our country as tourist and in other streams it is also very imp.

shashwatichakrabortu: yes
Debargha1000: iam also bengali?
Debargha1000: sry no question mark
Answered by Debargha1000
The answer is English helps to spread modern education faster in India and it also helps to modernise India.Moreover it helps to make it easier to make people connect to outside India.
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Debargha1000: thanx
Debargha1000: r u bengali?
Debargha1000: me too
Debargha1000: ki khobor?
incrediblekaur: what is khobor??=_=
Debargha1000: u wont understand bcoz ur nt a bengali
incrediblekaur: hmm
Debargha1000: where do u live?
incrediblekaur: by nd plzz dont chatt
Debargha1000: ok
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