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Find out and write. Who shivaji maharaj escaped from panhalgad


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When Shivaji Maharaj defeated Afjal Khan, Bijapur Sultanate was much disturbed. Maharaj decided to picking this opportunity for expanding swarajya. He attacked Fort Panhala within a Fortnight and captured it very bravely.

Defeat at Panhala fort was a very big loss and a big Shame for Adilshahi. Hence Adilshah sent his General Siddi Jouhar to capture Shivaji Maharaj. Adilshah gave a strong army of 40000 troops along with skilled commanders Siddi Masood and Fajal Khan. This huge army marched on panhala fort and put a siege around it. There was also an English army having Long distance Canons pointing at Panhala.

Siddi Jouhar, a notable army commander of that time was a huge & strong Habshi man. It is Described as he used to control an arrogant elephant holding elephant’s teeth with his two hands. He used to eat a whole goat at a single meal.

On Panhala fort Shivaji Maharaj had an army of around 1000 troops along with his some trusted advisers. Hence it was a suicide if they attacked Jouhar in open field. Now, they had two options, first to wait for Netaji Palkar, Commander in chief of Maratha army to attack Siddi Jouhar army from outside or second to surrender to adilshah. Netaji Palkar attacked twice from outside but both the attacks failed. Siddi Jouhar was a good commander. He repelled Netaji’s forces very nicely.

Shivaji Maharaj thought that Siege will get loosened by time. But Siege was as tight as before even after 3 to 4 months. Siddi himself used to travel throughout his siege daily. His army camp was spread through 4 to 5 km of length in each direction. Not a single spot around fort was left unmanned.

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(4) How Shivaji Maharaj escaped from Panhalgad.

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