Math, asked by raoparizay5p8z8kc, 4 days ago

find the derivative of y=(2√x +2)(x+√x) with respect to x?


Answered by AbhishGS
u could understand....
if u know formulae of derivative..

raoparizay5p8z8kc: need help in 3 more questions
AbhishGS: okk
AbhishGS: chat me
AbhishGS: then
AbhishGS: I cleared concepts of derivatives
AbhishGS: last yr in 11th
raoparizay5p8z8kc: derivative of f(x)=x^2 by first principal rule?
raoparizay5p8z8kc: derivative of y =(√x +1) (x^ 3/2 -1)/x^1/2 -1 with respect to x????
raoparizay5p8z8kc: y= 2x^3-3x^2+5/x^2+1 with respect to x ?
raoparizay5p8z8kc: y=(x-5)(3-x) with respect to x???
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