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Find the HCF of x root45 and xy root 20


Answered by souhardya29


Find the H.C.F. of 4x2 - 9y2 and 2x2 – 3xy.5


Factorizing 4x2 - 9y2, we get

(2x)2 - (3y)2, by using the identities of a2 - b2.

= (2x + 3y) (2x - 3y)

Also, factorizing 2x2 – 3xy by taking the common factor 'x', we get

= x(2x – 3y)

Therefore, H.C.F. of the polynomial 4x2 - 9y2 and 2x2 – 3xy is (2x - 3y).


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