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hello friends!!

how 1° is equal to 60 minutes ??


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your answer is ----

When we measure time, we divide each HOUR into 60 equal parts called "minutes", and each minute into 60 equal "seconds". We also do the same thing when we measure angles, so that each degree is divided into 60 minutes,( 60 minute is in the sense of 60parts) and each minute of ANGLE is divided into 60 seconds.

due to this ---

we measure
1° = 60'

hope it help you

Anonymous: we write this angle in term of. time
Vanshikaparmar: but agar rotation dekhe so...
Anonymous: don't see rotation
Vanshikaparmar: okay
Vanshikaparmar: thank you
Vanshikaparmar: m brain list karne vaali thi but galti se doosra answer ho gaya
Vanshikaparmar: sorry
Anonymous: its ok
Vanshikaparmar: : )
Anonymous: ☺ h
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