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How did Mandala's understanding of freedom change with age and experience?


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When Mandala was a child he thought that he was born free and he can do everything that he wanted . But when he became an adult he understands the true meaning of freedom . He realised that freedom is not related to him or his family but freedom of all blacks .

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with age and experience mandela understood the real meaning of freedom. as a young boy, he thought that he was born free and believed that as long as he obeyed his father and abided by customs of his tribe, he was free in every possible manner. as he grew older, freedom to raise a family and freedom to earn livelihood started dominating his thoughts. gradually he realized that he was selfish during his boyhood, he slowly understood that it was not just his freedom that has been curtailed, but the freedom of all blacks. it was the freedom from fear and prejudice. age and experience widened his perspective of freedom.

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