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How do plants manage or send out waste products from its body?


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every organism..excretes waste products from body for the better survival of Life.

Plants also excretes wastes..

>> They excretes excess water through stomata by the process called-Transpiration

>> Plants also excretes CO2 during respiration and O2 during photosinthesis

>> plants stores some wastes in fruits, barks, leafs..when, they fall off from the tree. Then, the wastes get excreted

>>Wastes like Alkaloids, tanins, resins, gums (secondary metabolites) are excreted by the way..which is mentioned above

>> Plants donot have any special organs to excrete like as humans and other animals

>> They produce wastes in little amounts and excretes in little amount

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A. 1) Plants can get rid of excess water by a process like transpiration and guttation. Waste products may be stored in leaved, bark and fruits.

2) When these dead leaves, bark, and ripe fruits fall off from the trees, then waste products in them are got rid off.

3) In some plants, waste gets stored in the fruits in the form of solid bodies called Raphides. Example : Yam.

4) Several compounds are synthesized by the plants for their own use specially for defense.

5) Several plants prepare chemicals and store them in shoots, leaves, seeds for protection against herbivores.

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