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how do the locations and of brazil and india differ in terms of their positions in their respective continents


Answered by kavya161
They are on the opposite side of the globe.

2 India is divided by tropic of cancer and Brazil by the tropic of capricorn.

India is a major tea drinking nation and Brazil has been a coffee producer and dtinker in much of its loved beverage.

4 Brazil is a new world country while India belongs to the old known world.

5India is a ancient country and civilisation while Brazil is a new country.

6Brazil,s name comes from Brazil tree while name India is a variation of the river sindhu by some accounts and Hindustan by some others.

7Brazil is located in the far away continent of south America and India is located more centrally in Asia.

8 Compared to to Asian continent South America is a much smaller continent and Brazil dominates it. There fore although India has a big country in Asia it is only third largest.

9 India is separated from the rest t of the Asian continent by Himalayas in the north but Brazil Both countries are tropical mostly and subtropical partly.

has its Andean fold mountains on the western side of the continent.

10 Brazil has much more Equatorial rain forest than India and it is less polluted.

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