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How does our government encourage the farmer?


Answered by sahitipavani
  1. Financial aid to for advanced irrigation facilities, farm ponds,polyhouse crop cultivation, poultry,dairy development. Space in MIDCs for agroproduce processing industries.
  2. Availability of seed, fertilizers, pesticides, implements, water sourcs by dams,wells, turbines etc.
  3. Intermittent increase in MSPs. Insurance protection , crop insurances, compensations on losses by natural calamities . Some countries legally enacted “Law of agriculture Adjustments”,while some keep 30 to40 % of country budget for farming .
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Answered by varunavi44


our government encorage the farmers because they are reason for us to grow. as we now that the population of our country is increasing fastly. we need to get enough product so that each one of us can have a full stomach

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