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I. Answer the following questions
State the differences between virtual and Real image.​


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Real Image Virtual Image

  • 1. Real image can be obtained on screen virtual image cannot be obtained on screen
  • 2 real image is formed by actual
  • virtual image is formed by just extending the refracted rays backward.
  • meeting of rays after refraction
  • 3. real image is always inverted whereas
  • virtual image is always erect.

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Real Image

# Real images are inverted.

# Convex lenses form a real image.

# Real images are formed on the screen.

# Real images are formed by a concave mirror.

# Real images are formed due to the actual intersection of light rays.

Virtual Image

# Virtual images are erect.

# Concave lenses form a virtual image.

# Virtual images appear to be on the lens or the mirror itself.

# Plane, convex mirror and concave lens forms a virtual image.

# Virtual images are formed due to the imaginary intersection of light rays.

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