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I want a story that starts with " Last sunday as I was wathchong a movie on tv I heard a loud noise from outside......."


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Last Sunday as I was watching a movie on tv I heard a loud noise from out side and I was alone so home my mom and dad came in 3 hours . I go outside but no one was there then I sit again to watch tv and that was a horror movie. Then again I heard a loud noise I go there and there was a 3 cats was fighting and 2 dogs are also there they was doing very noise . Then I know that and I was not feared .

after 3 hours my mom and dad came and I go to sleep .

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                       Here is a complete story:

It was very sunny holidays and my family was not in home. I was alone in home and watching adventurous movie. I was totally went in the thinking of that movie. I was in my imaginary world, Suddenly I  heard noise of something from outside of my house. I was very feared and scared. I was thinking something different than might happened.

I was very scaring to go outside of house, I go outside of home because of my bit bravery. When I go outside of house, then there were a very much crowd. I thought that, Maybe someone has fallen or something have been happened.

Finally, I go near crowd behind the house. There were very much people who was watching this incidence. And, because of this, It took very much time to go near the incidence. I saw there, A dog was injured by the hit of the car. And, The dog was totally injured. No one was helping dog. Because, Some idiot people think that, Dogs are very harmful and not good for us,

I have been always interested in watching the activities of dogs and from my childhood, I always thought good about dog. I pick up the dog and take it in my house. I was very nervous because the dog was injured. I applied the bandage to the injured part of dog. Also, I took the dog to the Vet.

Vet gives some treatment to the dog. And, Dog was in very good and healthy condition after 3 to 4 days. I thought that, I should live the little puppy on the road. When I tried to do this, The puppy was crying. I think, We was saying to not leaving him.

After thinking so much, I confirmed to keep dog near me. And, Today He is one of my best friend. He is beloved by my all family and others. His name was kept as Guddu by my father. Today also, I remember that day of saving living life.

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