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ideology and objectives of our constitution


Answered by Shashankool
Constitution is a source of rules and regulations to run a sovereign nation. Here sovereign means self governing and independent.
So do our constitution contains. the main objective of our constitution is to run a nation smoothly without exploiting the rights of its citizens. Our constitution provides us rule of law not the rule of man.
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Justice, Liberty, Fraternity and Equality are three important ideology of institution and there are six objectives of Indian constitution.


To follow the "ideology" of "Indian constitution", the objectives or goals are defined.

The objectives of Indian constitutions are

(1) To form more perfect union,

(2) To establish justice for everyone at "social, economic and political" level,

(3) To provide "liberty of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship" in citizen of India,

(4) To give equal "status and opportunity" and promotion to all,

(5) To ensure about the "dignity" of the individual and the unity and the "integrity" of the Nation.

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