Physics, asked by Padma120, 13 days ago

If an athlete takes 90° on the circle of radius 10 cm . What will be the displacement ?
Please explain it very clearly


Answered by sk0768173gmailcom
displacement =root2 r^2 =root200 = 10 root 2 cm Ans

sk0768173gmailcom: ^=square
Padma120: Thanks
sk0768173gmailcom: welcome dear
Padma120: But
sk0768173gmailcom: what
Padma120: How it became √200
sk0768173gmailcom: calculate r=10 r^2=100 2r^2=200
Padma120: But at last 2*100. Sq is 400
sk0768173gmailcom: it is 2×100
Padma120: Thanks
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