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insert commas suitably and write the number of (1) 16573449 (2) 287651009 according to Indian system of numeration​


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  1. 1,65,73,449
  2. 28,76,51,009

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Answered by mahimapanday53

Concept: Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent both use the Indian numbering system to denote huge numbers. The most often used phrases in Indian English to express huge numbers in the system are lakh or 1,00,000 and crore or 1,00,00,000.

In the Indian system of numeration, the families are divided into

crore     lakh     thousand     ones

TC, C    TL, L     TTH, TH       H, T, O

We put the commas where the families are divided.

Given: the numbers (1) 16573449 (2) 287651009

To find: inserting commas and the number name


(1) 1,65,73,449 - One crore sixty five lakh seventy three thousand four hundred forty nine

(2) 28,76,51,009 - Twenty eight crore seventy six lakh fifty one thousand and nine.


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