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letter writting in thanks letter for uncle


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Dear ____,

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and spirits. Uncle, I thank you very much for the Titan Quartz wrist watch you sent me on my birthday. In fact, I received many presents but yours was the best. As I did not have a wrist watch, I was planning to buy one. The watch sent by you is really very beautiful and has been admired by all. It will make me punctual and now I will not be late to board my school bus. It will always remind me of your love for me.

We all missed you on my birthday. I once again thank you forsending me the most cherished present on my birthday.

Pay my regards to Aunt and Norah.

Thanking you.
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Write a letter to your uncle thanking him for a gift.

A-45, Amar Colony,

New Delhi 0 110065.

March 10, 2006.

My dear Uncle,

I received your letter and gift parcel yesterday which you sent me on my birthday. I got many gifts from my friends but yours is the best of all. It is a wrist watch. It will make me punctual. It will remind me the value of time. I thank you for this gift.

Please convey my regards to dear Aunt.

Yours affectionately,




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