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Out of pb +4 and sn +2 which has more polarising power


Answered by shrikant7
Polarising power of the cation depends upon two factor :

Size of cation : Smaller the size of cation, smaller is its polarsing power.

Charge on cation : As the charge on cation increases, its polarising power increases.

so the polarising power of PB+4 is greater than the Sn2+
Answered by gautamrawatlm


Pb^{4+} will have more polarising power than Sn^{2+}.


The first rule of Fazan's explains the polarisation power of a cation.

It explains that the smaller the size of the cation and the higher the charge on the cation higher will be polarisation power.

Since Pb^{4+} has 4+ charge and Sn^{2+} has 2+ charge.

The size of Pb^{4+} is smaller than Sn^{2+}.

Therefore, polarising power of Pb^{4+} is more than Sn^{2+}.

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