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Please help me guys.. I’m in the 11 standard .. it’s organic chemistry . I have a test tomorrow so I need to know this .. please help .. IF you answer CORRECTLY then I will mark you as a BRAINLIT



Answered by gaurangivaidya6


your answere is very simple .


Name the eastern coastal states of India.       (1 m)

Name the states through which the Tropic of Cancer passes.     (1 m)

Name the Union territories of India.        (1 m)

Which hills are called ‘Purvanchal’?        (1 m)

Which region is called ‘Terai Region’?       (1 m)

Where are the Central Highlands located?       (1 m)

Classify the Himalayas on the basis of regions from West to East.    (3 m)

Differentiate between western coastal plains and eastern coastal plains.   (3 m)

Why is the difference between the durations of day and night hardly felt at Kanyakumari but not so in Kashmir?          (3 m)

How has India developed relationships with the world through the land route?  (5 m)

How does India have great physical variations?

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