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pratik left one-third of his property for his son, one-fourth for his daughter andthe remainder for his wife if wife's share in the property was worth 10lakh rupees,find the total worthof Pratik's property


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Answered by Subhashree143

Let Pratik property be x

For his son = rs x/3

For his daughter = x/4

Rest share = x - ( x/3 + x/4 )

= x - (4x + 3x / 12)

= x - 7x /12

= 5x / 12

Rest of property = Wife's property

= 5x/12 = 10,00000

= 5x = 10,00000*12=1,20,00000

= x = 1,20,00000/5=2400000=24lakh

Total worth of Pratik was 24 lakh

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