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Pull and push 10 sentence examples in each


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1. Pull the kid up first.

2. Here, let me help you pull the table.

3. Anne can pull in some favors to finish the project before the deadline.

4. Help me pull the draw, its stuck.

5. She rushed to pull the kid from falling off a cliff.

6. The fire force came to pull the kid up from the bore well.

7. Do you think he will pull it off?

8. The soldier puller the arrows from his chest.

9. We all pull our own weight around here.

10. "David", I said trying to pull back


1. The villagers push and pull carts through the dusty streets.

2. Lets push this bed to the other side of the room.

3. She pushed him away from the car.

4.  Govt tries to push voters to vote for them.

5.  I gave him a little push.

6.  The sign on the door read "Push the door".

7.  He managed to push his friend's surprise gift behind the door.

8.  I don't mind telling you Mr. Joe, I did mean to push you down the stairs.

9.  She opened the gates to her house with an impatient push

10. The kid pushed his small go-cart every where he went.

Hope this helps :)

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