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should people over indulge during festival period


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\large\red{\underline{{\boxed{\textbf{Your\: Answer}}}}} India, the month October often heralds the arrival of a number of festivals. The country truly comes to life during this period, with people dressing up in their finest, cleaning and decorating their homes, and of course, preparing a variety of delicious festive sweets and snacks. What starts with Ganesh Chaturthi progresses to Navratri and culminates in the grandest of all - Diwali.

It's fairly obvious then that this period in India is associated with indulgence. From ladoos and barfis to chaklis and chivda, festive food is often sinful, but absolutely worth it!

However, it's important to balance things out. When it comes to nutrition, balance, and moderation are words that are commonly used by nutritionists. However, they shouldn't be mere words.

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