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State any three physical and two chemical properties to prove that copper is metal


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Physical properties of copper:

1. Malleability= It is defined as the property of a metal or solid to be hammered and bent in various shapes, without breaking or cracking. Due to this characteristic, thin sheets of copper can be made.

2. Ductility = It refers to the extent, to which the metal can be deformed without taking stress and without breaking. Thus, thin wires of this metal can be made. Copper can be twisted and molded in any direction.

3. Conductivity = Copper is characterized by excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. After silver, it is the second best electric conductor found in nature. In the pure form, its conductivity is even more efficient, and hence, utensils and wires are best made from this element.

Chemical properties of Copper:

1. Copper is a metal used by people who lived in prehistoric times. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity.In historical period, people combined copper with iron or tin to produce an alloy called bronze. Another alloy of copper is brass. Brass and bronze are stronger than copper; hence, they are used to make weapons, such as spear tips, hammers, axes, and so on.

2. Copper is used in construction of industrial machinery, manufacturing of electrical equipment, widely-used alloys, like brass, cupronickel, bronze, gunmetal, etc.
In the periodic table, copper is found in group Ib that includes transition metal elements such as silver and gold.

Such properties proves that copper is a metal.
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Hello Dear.

The Physical Properties of the Copper which proves its characteristics of Metal are →

1) Like other Metal, Copper is a Malleable Metal. Malleability is the Properties of Metals by which they can be change into thin sheets when force is applied.

2) Like Other Metals, Copper is Ductile. It posses the Properties of Ductility. Ductility means the Properties of the Metals by which they can be made into thin wire.

3) Like Other Metals, Copper have High Melting and High Boiling points.

4) Like other Metals, Copper is also Sonorous, i.e., it is capable of producing the ringing sound when the force is applied.


The Chemical Properties of the Copper to prove it is a metals are →

1) Like other Metals, When Copper Reacts with the Acid, Hydrogen Gas is Evolved.

 Cu + HCl.  ---------→ CuCl₂ + H₂↑

2) Like Other Metals, When Copper Reacts with the Oxygen or Water, A base is formed.

Reaction with Water ⇒
Cu + H₂O ---------→ CuO + H₂↑

Reaction with Oxygen ⇒
2Cu + O₂ ----------→ 2CuO (Base)

3) Like Other Metals, Copper is also obtained from its ore by the Process of Metallurgy.

4) Like Other Metals, Copper also gets Corrodes and forms the Basic Copper Carbonate which is green in color.
Chemical Formula of Basic Copper Carbonate is →  Cu(OH)₂.CuCO₃

Hope it helps.
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