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summary of journey to the end of the earth chapter 6​


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Summary of Journey to the End of the Earth:

The lesson focuses on Antarctica. There were not many people who had been there, but Tishani Doshi is one of the few. A South Indian person who has gone on an expedition with a group of youth who have joined the "Students on Ice" programme. It thus gives an insight in what way Antarctica is a place one must visit to get a practical view of the past, present and future.It takes nine time zones, six control points, three water bodies and as many ecospheres for a South Indian who flies from Madras to the Antarctica.

Tishani Doshi and a team of expeditions called' Students on Ice' which gives young minds with an opportunity to become aware of a true version of global climate change, traveled to the south end of the Earth. These young team of expedition are the young version of future policy makers, who can change the situation, according to the organisation’s founders. Antarctica is one of the world's most cold, dry and windy continents.

It is white to the eyes, and its unbroken blue horizon provides immense relief. It is shocking to believe that India and Antarctica were part of the same Gondwana supercontinent, which is now divided into countries which created the world we know. Until then the Antarctica experienced a warmer climate and then later became colder. It still remains in its perfect form amid the human civilization around the world.

Since he is a southern Indian man and worshipper of the sun, the writer could not imagine visiting a place that occupies 90% of the ice world, a place so calmer that only snow avalanches disturb him. It is home to a lot of information that can give us an insight into the past and also allow us to foresee the future in the Antarctic. The place raises the alarm that global warming is indeed real. Who knows that Antarctica is going to be warm again, and we will be around to see it, even if it does?

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