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The author 's grandmother was a religious person .what are the different ways in which we come to know this?


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1. she was always seen telling her beads of rosary, moving lips in inaudible prayers.

2. she spent her daytime in the temple reading the scriptures waiting for her grandson to come back from school.

3. she felt bad when she realized that the city school did not give religious lessons.

4. The last moments of her life were spent in praying .

 she used to say morning prayer while she bathed and dressed him(author) up. 
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The author’s grandmother was a religious lady with a kind heart.

She moved about in the house “telling the beads of her rosary”.

Her lips constantly moved in “inaudible prayer”.

She said her morning prayers in monotonous sing-song hoping that the author would learn it by heart.

Everyday, she went along with the author to his school and sat in the temple that was attached to it, reading the holy books for hours.

She believed in the teachings about God and scriptures and did not like that her grandson was not taught about them in the city school.

Gradually, she turned to reciting prayers throughout the day.

Before dying, she stopped talking to her family members and turned to prayers, and counting the beads.

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