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To the editor of newspaper on the
social malaise."​


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24, Green Park

New Delhi

16th March 2020


The Time of India

New Delhi

Subject: Social Malaise

Respected Sir,

                        Here we shall consider some other problems facing contemporary society and having far-reaching effects on it; these are the problems of poverty, unemployment, crime and war.

I. Poverty:

Poverty is relative to richness. Poverty is one of the foremost social problems facing India and other countries. John L. Gillin asserted that poverty may be regarded as “that condition in which a person either because of inadequate income or unwise expenditures, does not maintain a scale of living high enough to provide for his physical and mental efficiency and to enable him and his natural dependents to function usually according to the standards of society of which he is a member.” Poverty exists when one is not able to get sufficient food and necessities of life.

II. Unemployment:

Closely associated with the problem of poverty is the problem of unemployment because when people remain idle they become poor. If there are needs to be satisfied, then men must be employed in satisfying them. Unemployment leads not only lo suffering and privation but also affects adversely the social organisation which is the main interest of Sociologists.

Defining unemployment, Karl Pribram has written that “Unemployment is a condition of the labour market in which the supply of labour is greater than the number of available openings.” According to Fairchild, “Unemployment is forced and involuntary separation from remunerative work or the part of the normal working force during normal working time, at normal wages and under normal conditions.”

Thanking You

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