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What are the uses of LPG​


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LPG commonly is used as fuel for gas barbecue grills and gas cooktops and ovens, for gas fireplaces, and in portable heaters. In Europe, LPG water heaters are common. It is also used as an engine fuel and for backup generators. Unlike diesel, LPG can be stored nearly indefinitely without degradation

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It was used as early as 1860 for a portable fuel source, and its production and consumption for both domestic and industrial use have expanded ever since. A typical commercial mixture may also contain ethane and ethylene, as well as a volatile mercaptan, an odorant added as a safety precaution.


General Area of Use Specific Applications

In Homes

Cooking, Hot Water, Heating, BBQ

Electricity Generation Generators, Gas Turbines, Co-gen & Tri-Gen

Leisure Boats, Recreational Vehicles

Camping Caravan Parks, Camp Grounds, Camping

Hospitality Industry Hotels, Restaurants, Clubs, Pubs

Transportation Autogas, Taxis, Buses, Commercial Vehicles

Business & Industry Boilers, Forklifts, Ovens, Furnaces

Agriculture Crop Drying, Greenhouses, Flame Weeding

Livestock Dairies, Poultry Sheds, Piggeries

Fun Hot Air Balloons, Ice Rink Resurfacing

And More Many, Many More...

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