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what is Displacement reaction


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   \sf\red{ \underline{Displacement\:  Reaction:-}}

A displacement reaction is a type of reaction in which part of one reactant is replaced by another reactant. A displacement reaction is also known as a replacement reaction or a metathesis reaction. There are two types of displacement reactions.

 \sf \red{ \underline{Single  \: Displacement:-}}

Single displacement reactions are reactions where one reactant replaces part of the other:

AB + C → AC + B

An example is the reaction between iron and copper sulfate to produce iron sulfate and copper:

Fe + CuSO₄ → FeSO₄ + Cu

Here, both iron and copper have the same valence. One metal cation takes the place of the other, bonding to the sulfate anion.

 \sf \red{ \underline{Double \:  Displacement:-}}

Double displacement reactions are reactions where the cations and anions in the reactants switch partners to form products:

AB + CD → AD + CB

An example is the reaction between silver nitrate and sodium chloride to form silver chloride and sodium nitrate:

AgNO₃ + NaCl → AgCl + NaNO₃

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A single-displacement reaction, is a chemical reaction in which one element is replaced by another in a compound.

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