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What is observed when ferrous sulphate is heated continuously in a test tube.write the equation for it and name the type of reaction in this case.​


Answered by kamnajain26

2FeSo4--------> Fe2O3+ So2+ So3

There is a smell of rotten eggs

The green colour of FeSo4 changes in reddish brown color of Fe2O3.

It is a thermal decomposition reaction

Answered by Rythm14

• On heating ferrous sulphate the crystals lose water and turn light green. On further heating It decomposes to ferric oxide ( Fe2O3 ) , sulphur dioxide ( SO2 ) and sulphur trioxide ( SO3 ).

Balanced equation :-

2FeSO4 ----> Fe2O3 + SO2 + SO3

It is a decomposition reaction.

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