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Which demands were put forward through the Anandapur sahib resolution by the Akali Dal?


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As such, the Shiromani Akali Dal urges upon the Government of India to abolish the excise duty on tractors, so that with the decrease in their prices, the smaller farmers may also be able to avail themselves of farm machinery and contribute to increase in agricultural produce of the country.


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Answer: 1) The following demands were made in the Anandpur resolution.

2) Chandighar should be made part of Punjab.

3) The Punjabi-speaking parts in another state should be included in the state of Punjab.

4) Recruitment of Sikhs Increased of Sikhs in the Army should be increased.

5) More Autonomy should be given in the state of Punjab. The large share of the river, water, and a 'Holy shrive' status for Amritsar.


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