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Why delhi is called mini india? Write 5 points on it.


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Delhi,,, Officially called the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) is the largest metropolitan city of the country and the second largest with respect to the population.

It is one of the 7 Union Territories of India.

Delhi is often referred as Mini India because of the many religion and culture that prevail in the area with peace and harmony
. People from around the country have come to settle in the capital in the passing years.

Delhi being the capital is the first foot to the beautiful country of India to all foreigners.
It is well linked to all prominent international cities. Similarly, it is also linked to all major cities of India too.

Delhi is said to be hub of all business and market activities that goes on in Northern India and a technology centre.
Being the capital most of the headquarters of ministries, Supreme Court and Parliament is located making it a hip and happening place.

Delhi served as capital or has been an important part of many kingdoms. So it has earned various historical monuments throughout the time and has conserved them. They too attract millions of tourist from around the world

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DELHI is called mini india because:-

1 People from all over the country live here.

2 They celebrate different festivals.

3 They practice different jobs and speak different languages.

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