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Why does a potted plant die when over watered ?​


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Many living things, including yourself, can tolerate water but cannot be wet continuously. To do so invites infection from bacteria and fungi when the normal barrier against them is compromised by long, total, immersion in water. But there are plants that like their roots to be soaked. Cattails, papyrus, and mangroves are common examples. Which brings us to an important point. Plants evolved in their various environments to survive under those conditions but not necessarily any other. A cactus that evolved to never get wet except only very briefly can tolerate water less than your houseplant, which in turn can tolerate water less that a papyrus. Your potted plant, like most house plants, likely came from a tropical region with well-draining soils. Keep it too wet and it will suffer. The good news is that whatever your watering habits, there are plants suitable for your environment too. You just have to find them.


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