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why govind Singh went to x-ray city?​


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Govind Singh went to x-ray city.

R.K. Narayan's book Gateman's Gift

Govind Singh, an ex-serviceman who works as a gatekeeper for an English corporation, appears in the short tale "Gateman's Gift."

He is really content with his position and looked sharp in his khaki outfit.

After 25 years of employment, he applied for a pension.

The business, pleased with his work, decided to grant him a pension of Rs. 12 per month for the rest of his life.

He got a registered mail one day.

He was quite afraid to read it because he thought it would include information about the termination of his pension.

He was enraged at the letter.

He was advised by everyone to open and look.

One of the former compounders advised him to attend the X-ray institution since he was afraid to open it.

He could read the letter without opening it thanks to this.

Being convinced, Govind Singh went to the neighbourhood City X-ray facility.

This how govind Singh went to x-ray city.


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